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NMIMS Seed Funding 2018-19

S.No. Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Title of the Project Start date End date Duration of the project
1 Brijesh Sukumaran In vitro and in vivo assessment of anti-anxiety mechanism of action of Tabernaemontana divaricata Aug-18 Jul-19 12 months
2 Dr. Ekta Khattar To investigate the regulation and functional contribution of telomeric protein POT1 in DNA damage response pathway Aug-18 Jul-19 12 months
3 Dr. Harinder Singh Bioprospecting for Thermostable Phytase Aug-18 Jul-19 12 months
4 Dr. Sonal Manohar Investigating the Efficacy of ONC201 (Dual Akt-ERK Inhibitor) in Combination with Standard Chemotherapeutic Agents in Breast Cancer Cells 2019 12 months
5 Dr. Vrushali Joshi Development of Microsensor Arrays to Study Real Time Metabolic Inyeractions of Multispecies Live Bacteria Biofilms 2019 12 months

Research Projects Sanctioned (Government & Industry) 2018-19

S.No. Faculty Name Title of the Project Name of the Funding organization Type of Funding organization (Govt./Industry) Year of sanction Duration of the project
1 Dr. Ekta Khattar DBT Ramalingaswami Project DBT Government 2019 60 months
2 Dr. Ekta Khattar "Developing novel therapeutic strategies to target telomerase and telomeres in cancer." DST SERB ECR Government 2019 12 months

List of Patents

Sr. No. Year Name of the Authors (faculty / student) Patent No. & Country Title of the Patent Filed (Date & Year) Published (Date & Year)
1 2018-19 Gita Singh and Sudeshna Chandra "201821033244 India" MIXED METAL FERRITE NANOPARTICLES AND METHOD OF SYNTHESIS THEREOF Sept 5, 2018 -
Sr. No. Year Authors Title of paper Journal Name
1 2018-19 S Shah, R Agera, P Sharma, AV Sunder, H Singh, HM James, et al. Development of biotransformation process for asymmetric reduction with novel anti-Prelog NADH-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases Process Biochemistry
2 2018-19 H Singh Desiccation and radiation stress tolerance in cyanobacteria Journal of Basic Microbiology
3 2018-19 H Singh, SK Apte Effect of 60Co-Gamma Ionizing Radiation and Desiccation Stress on Protein Profile of Anabaena 7120 The Protein Journal
4 2018-19 A Kamble, S Srinivasan, H Singh In-Silico Bioprospecting: Finding Better Enzymes Molecular Biotechnology
5 2018-19 Jeanette Martins, Brijesh S. Phytochemistry and pharmacology of anti-depressant medicinal plants: A review Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
6 2018-19 Swati Sahoo, Brijesh S. Pharmacogenomic assessment of herbal drugs in affective disorders Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
7 2018-19 Dhaval Sachar, Lokesh Bhatt, Prasad Pethe, Ruchita Shelat, Yogesh Kulkarni Anticancer activity of methylene blue via inhibition of heat shock protein 70 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
8 2018-19 Pradnya P. Khandeparkar V. U. Dixit Tests for Scale Parameter of Asymmetric Log Laplace Distribution Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin
9 2018-19 Gita Singh and Sudeshna Chandra Copper Doped Manganese Ferrites@PANI for Fabrication of Binder-free Nanohybrid Symmetrical Supercapacitors Journal of The Electrochemical Society
10 2018-19 In Y. Kim, S. Kim, X. Jin, S. Premkumar, G. Chandra, N.‐S. Lee, G. P. Mane, S.‐Ju Hwang, S. Umapathy, A. Vinu Ordered Mesoporous C3N5 with a Combined Triazole and Triazine Framework and Its Graphene Hybrids for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,
11 2018-19 Amruta Parmar, Brijesh S. Niosomes as Transdermal Drug Delivery System Biomedical Research Journal
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