Harmony Project

NMIMS University has been selected to be part of European Union, HARMONY Project. The project addresses the process of internationalization of Higher Education in the provision of education, research, mobility, and services. MOU was signed in June 2021.

The project called, “Internationalization and Virtual Exchange: Borderless between EU and Asian Countries,” includes institutions from Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. Universities from India include Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Vellore Institute of Technology and University of Hyderabad. In all the consortium has 11 institutions, 4 from Europe and 7 from Asia.Read More

formation of university nmims working group
formation of university nmims working group

Activities and key outcomes planned for the 36-month long project that started on

15th January 2021:

Activities Planned

Country profile on Internationalisation of Higher Education (research and services issues)
University Strategy on Internationalisation

University Action Plan on Internationalisation at Home

Storytelling How-to Manual

Guide for International Students
Established International Relations Office and Projects Office

Global Insight Series

Bridging Borders Through Expert Dialogues at NMIMS University
The NMIMS Department of International Linkages is at the forefront of cultivating a vibrant global learning environment through its ongoing collaboration with 40+ esteemed universities worldwide. One of the flagship initiatives under this partnership is the Global Insights Series, an engaging platform that facilitates online and In person guest sessions featuring distinguished faculty members from around the globe...

These guest lectures are not just ordinary academic interactions; they are a convergence of minds, a bridge between borders, and a celebration of diversity in thought. Our collaboration with leading international faculty brings forth a series of impactful sessions, each contributing to the enrichment of the academic journey for NMIMS students. These sessions delve into a myriad of subjects, providing students with exposure to cutting-edge research, global perspectives, and innovative ideas that extend beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning.

The significance of these interactions goes beyond academic enrichment. They serve as a catalyst for fostering international collaboration and creating a robust network of knowledge exchange. As NMIMS students engage with and learn from experts across borders, they not only expand their intellectual horizons but also develop a deeper understanding of global issues and diverse cultural perspectives

The Global Insights Series plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded and globally aware individuals. By bringing leading international faculty to our Virtual classroom / classrooms, NMIMS not only enhances the overall educational experience but also prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of an interconnected world. These initiatives are a testament to our commitment to providing students with a holistic and culturally rich learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries.
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
University of Bristol
New York Film Academy, USA
Queen Mary University of London, UK
TUM Asia - Technical University of Munich Asia , Germany
Queens University Belfast, UK
Cranfield University, UK

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