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University Sports Board

SVKM’s NMIMS University Sports board is constituted with the Vice-Chancellor, Director Sports and Sports officers of the campuses;

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the University Sports board shall be:

  • To improve standards, increase participation and support SVKM’s NMIMS Sports teams at Sports events and competitions;
  • Appreciation of participation, diligence, motivation and determination irrespective of winning/losing;
  • To encourage Sportsmanship and healthy competitions among the Students;
  • To educate University Student s about the importance of games, Sports and physical education;
  • To create Sports consciousness and general awareness of the need of games and Sports;
  • To plan and promote all round development of games, Sports and physical education
  • To organize training, coaching and education in Sports, games and physical education;
  • To be proactive and accountable for delivering our mission.


• Providing professional management for Sports and recreational facilities for the University community in accordance with strategic and operational plans;

• Providing and developing leadership opportunities for Student s interested in Sports. SVKM’s NMIMS USB is committed to improve the quality of life for Student s, faculty and staff, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.


The SVKM’s NMIMS University Sports board provides diverse Sports facilities and programs that complement the mission of SVKM’s NMIMS University and experiential learning opportunities for all Student s. the SVKM’s NMIMS USB promotes physical, emotional, and social growth of individuals by encouraging the development of lifelong skills and positive attitudes through Sports activities.

The vision for sport will be measured by:

  • Providing a range of opportunities to be engaged in sport;
  • Providing pathways from introductory to elite sport;
  • Participation levels of Student s, faculty and staff members;
  • Success of the University Sports teams.

Message from Vice Chancellor


Dr. Rajan Saxena
Vice Chancellor,

Sports are an integral part of any students’ personality development. It makes an individual disciplined, respect competition while remaining competitive and also develop their tenacity. While winning is important, but far more important in sports is the sportsman spirit which requires an individual to handle defeat in much the same way as one would handle success. Equanimity in action is therefore required. Sports does that.

In order to encourage sports on our campuses, we have provided with the infrastructure and facility on our residential campuses, Shirpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad (proposed). We intend to do the same in our Indore campus. For Navi Mumbai, we encourage our students to participation in sports activities for which we do hire playground, as and when required.

I do hope that all students would take advantage of sports infrastructure and the facilities that we have set up.

Message from Director, Sports

The Sports program is an essential component of SVKM’s NMIMS University approach to developing well-rounded individuals. At SVKM’s NMIMS University, we offer a wide variety of extracurricular Athletic activities and our coaches and staff are committed to developing a well-rounded Student-Athletes.

While Students are involved in our programs, we will assist them in learning valuable lessons through Sports to grow not only in the game, but also to take their experience forward in life. We strive to be part of a team comprised of family members, educators, and community partners to assist our young people in achieving their goals while growing into healthy, happy, and productive young adults.

We encourage personal responsibility, development of interpersonal skills, foster communications skills between peers and coaches, and teach non-cognitive skills. Sports activities are a vital and important part of a SVKM’s NMIMS University education. I am fortunate enough to lead the Sports as a Director, Sports at SVKM’s NMIMS University.

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