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Over the years, NMIMS has grown into an outstanding academic establishment in India covering varied areas of academic interests, and attracting an equally diverse faculty and student body.

Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has been appointed as an external examiner for review of doctoral dissertations at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Dr. Kalyanaram has also been appointed as a reviewer for research proposals submitted to Ministry of Science and Technology.

Dr. Mukesh Nandave Associate Professor, Pharmacology, SPP SPTM has been awarded Rs 20 lakhs research grant by the Neurobiology Taskforce of Department of Biotechnology for his research proposal, 'Discovery of Inhibitors of System Xc Transporter, a Novel Therapeutic Target for Glutamate-Mediated Excitoxicity and Epileptogenesis." Glutamate and involvement of glutamatergic systems in excitotoxicity, epilepsy, and neurodegeneration are well documented but complex. Overall, results of anti-excitotoxic therapies are not impressive or lacking in effectiveness. Therefore, regulation of glutamate release may be more successful than inhibition of receptors. Thus, new targets in glutamate release and/or uptake regulation such as system Xc and the vesicular glutamate transporter (VGLUT) may provide better tolerated therapeutics.

Dr. Sharon Pandey has published a textbook on Human Resource Management, published by Pearson. The book has been well received, and has been recognized by scholars as contemporary and substantial.

Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram was an invited speaker at the Sustainability Seminar Series, Earth and Environmental Studies, Montclair State University on April 17, 2012. He presented his research on "Non-market Valuation and Ethical Preferences: A Study of Choice in Public Goods."

Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram and Dr. Mala Srivastava The paper, "Price Effects on Prescription Behavior of Physicians," by Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram and Dr. Mala Srivastava presented at and published in the proceedings of the annual conference of Business and Health Administration Association in Chicago, March 2012 was adjudged to be the Best Paper in the Pharmoeconomics track. Dr. Demetrios Varkratsas of McGill University was a co-author in the paper.

Dr. Varsha Pradhan, Dr. Shilpee Sachar, Dr. Sangita Kamdar, Dr. Rama Pal and Ms. Rekha Vig Dr. Varsha Pradhan of School of Pharmacy and Technology Management was recognized with Rs 15,000 (First Prize); Dr. Shilpee Sachar of School of Science with Rs 10,000 (Second Prize); and Dr. Sangita Kamdar of School of Business Management, Dr. Rama Pal of School of Economics and Ms. Rekha Vig of School of Engineering and Technology were recognized with Rs 5,000 for their research work and presentation at the NMIMS Deemed to be University Day.

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