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NMIMS has a WiFi network and all laptops can be configured at the Asian Paints Computer Centre on the ground floor. Besides this, NMIMS provides the following facilities:As the campus is in the heart of the financial capital of the country-Mumbai, for students it is an ideal opportunity to learn and interact through corporate projects. The IIPC cell, with its objective to promote industry-academia linkage places emphasis on learning by applying theoretical concepts learned in the classroom on live Industry projects. These corporate projects vary from 1-3 months.

  • Air-conditioned classrooms with PC and LCD projectors integrated with campus wide network.
  • Fiber optic network backbone and 100 MBPS Ethernet Technology connecting all classrooms and departments.
  • 45 MBPS shared Leased Line internet connectivity round the clock.
  • Wireless Hotspots.
  • Branded High end Servers and NAS Storage systems for Maintaining Campus wide database and connectivity.
  • A Hardware Firewall to protect the entire network.
  • Academic ERP-Integrated Institute Management System covering On Line Transaction Processing and M.I.S. from Admission to Evaluation integrating Library, Purchase & Accounts.
  • Each student equipped with branded Laptops.
  • The Computer Lab. is on the second floor and is well equipped. The Lab. seats more than 60 computers and students can be regularly seen there taking print outs or doing their projects. In addition to that, there are plugs available throughout the campus and you will find students sitting and working in the quad. and the zee area through day and night.
  • First phase of SAP is implemented.

Campus Network

The Campus Network is based on a fiber optic backbone and 100 MBPS Ethernet technologies. The Campus Network covers the institute, class rooms, library, faculty and staff. The intranet has 425 computers which are interconnected by a fiber optic network. Every classroom is equipped with PC and LCD projectors integrated with the campus wide network.

Wireless Hotspots

In addition to the wired network, the entire campus has a parallel wireless network. You will be able to access the entire networked resources from virtually anywhere in the campus.

Notebooks for everyone

Full Time MBA students are equipped with a laptop, which allows them to access the learning resources available on the Campus Network and the Internet round the clock. This makes it possible for students to access information resources anywhere and anytime on the campus.

Internet@ 10 mbps

All members on the intranet have access to Internet 24 hours a day, through 45 MBPS shared leased line from SVKM, of which 10 MBPS is exclusively used for NMIMS. The Internet bandwidth is being enhanced every year. This has been a pioneering effort by NMIMS.

Computer centre & Services

The Computer centre has over 60 Dell & HP PCs in LAN, Printers, Scanners, DVD burners, Digital Cameras. The Computer Resource centre provides various network based services such as Internet, Groupware, Database, Email, Printing, Laptops & LCD Projectors.

Software library

The software environment includes SQL Server DBMS, SPSS, Rational Enterprise suite, MS Office (Campus Wide License), MS Projects, Simulation packages, Visual and Object Oriented Languages like Visual Basic & Visual C++ and Java.

Integrated Institute Management System

NMIMS has deployed an integrated Institute Management System designed to track and manage the day-to-day activities of the University. It is a complete automated administration solution designed to enhance the productivity of staff through automated and integrated processes.This system acts as an Online Transaction Processing system able to handle large volumes of data as well as a Management Information System that provides the much-needed management reporting.The system covers modules such as student and registration, employee/faculty details, attendance recording and reporting, time table/schedules, examination and results, library management, integrated accounts/inventory, payroll, purchase and fixed assets.The most significant benefit of this system has been the creation of a central repository of data on students, faculty, staff, programs and courses which can be seen by those who have the access rights.

The Road ahead

These initiatives have placed the University on a maturity level where it can expand to a new horizon and act as a model for the Indian academic institutions. "The journey has just started? says Mr. Nilay Yajnik, HoD Information Systems, "new vistas have opened new challenges of organizing, filtering, processing and preserving the enormous information and knowledge?. The University has already put in place a plan to implement a Learning and Content Management system to manage the vast knowledge and create an online learning environment.Once this last leg of modernization gets accomplished, it has a potential to generate numerous knowledge hubs within the current framework. These hubs once synergized possess the power to accelerate knowledge capture and dissemination, thereby enabling NMIMS to compete in the global environment.

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