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18th, March, 2009

Dr. A.M. Vicziany 

Manager -Office of Deputy VC(International),Monash University

Ms. Crystal Chatterton

Prof. Of Asian Political Economy/Director – Monash Asia Institute, Monash University

16th, March, 2009

Dr. Behruz Sethna

President, Atlanta University of West Georgia

Mr. William Schaniel

Director-International Programmes, Atlanta University of West Georgia

18th, March, 2009

Dr. Beatrix Dart

Associate Dean, Executive Degree Programs and Executive Director, Initiatives for Women in Business and Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Managemnt/University of Toronto, Canada

Daniel Cushing

Director Omnium Global Executive MBA Programme, Rotman School of Managemnt/University of Toronto, Canada

4th, February, 2009

Dr. Richard Cook

Kingston University

29th, January, 2009

Prof.Jean-Michel Quentier

Associate Dean, Rennes Business School, France

Ms.Andrea Stephan

Director of Public Relations-Blondel

Accompanied by Dr. Krishnamoorthy

17th. January, 2009

Alain Overeiu

Director-International Relations, Essca, France

22nd, December, 2008

Dr.Ajai K Singh

Prof of Finance, Weatherhead School of mgmt., Case Western Reserve University

8th,December, 2008

Dr. Stephen Murdoch

Director Int., ESC Rouen,France

Prof.Arnaud Langlois

Director Gen., ESC Rouen,France

25th, November, 2008

Prof. K.O.Cox

Vice-chancellor and President, Edith Cowan University, Australia

24th, November, 2008

Prof. Lalu Mansinha

OMG-Ontario-Maharashtra & Goa-Student ex Prgrme, Canada

Suchita Tirkey

OMG-Ontario-Maharashtra & Goa-Student ex Prgrme, Canada

20th, December, 2008

Prof. Paul Marshall

Professor, Harvard Business School, USA

Ms. Anjali Raina

Executive Director, Harvard Business School’s India Research Centre

29th, September, 2008

Exchange students

Essca /Marsielle/’Rouen, France

15th, September, 2008

Prof. Diana Billimoria

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Prof. Ron Fry

Case Western Reserve University, USA

9th, September, 2008

Dr. Harish L. Verma

Chairman, Business Department and Director, Undergraduate Programmes, Wayne State University, USA

Dr. Renuka Narang

Consultant, Business Department, Wayne State University, USA

14th, September, 2008

Dr. Susan Barr

Associate Director, Business Development, Graduate School of Business,Australia

25th, May, 2008

Mr. Theo de Hosson

Director of Internationalization, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Ms. Jelly Offereins

 Policy Advisor and Officer International Affairs, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

26th, April, 2008

Sikander Khan

Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

6th, March, 2008

Mr. Hassan Taghvai

Regional Director for Asia, International Projects, HEC Montreal, Canada

Mr. Francois Leroux

Director of International Activities

21st, February, 2008

Ms. Kay Swine

University of Wolver Hampton, International Relations Manager

14th, January, 2008

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)

Accreditation, Management